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In this hectic world that surrounds our daily lives, I am drawn increasingly to my camera and my music. Photography represents a slice of time - a single moment when a scene is paused and forever preserved. And after all, all we ever really have is this moment. Photography therefore, is a meditation. I realized several years ago that above all else, I had a message to share. A song to sing.

I have been so very fortunate to have spent so much time amongst spectacular scenery on this Earth - amongst it’s great mountain ranges on foot, down her rivers by canoe, diving the oceans, forever exploring on my bicycle, ski or snowshoe. So my photography has given me the means by which I can share those landscapes and shine a light upon their precarious future.

The human race has a part to play, here and today, in taking responsibility for this wondrous creation. I work from the belief that my work makes a reconnection between people and their home here on Earth. To this end I create artwork for the home and for the workplace, I make presentations, conduct workshops in the backcountry, and I write songs that I hope inspire others to follow their true purpose.

In a world where everyone lives each moment following their calling, we would grow to know each other again, to take the higher road, to leave our planet in better shape than we found it. I would like to live in that world, and underneath all the distractions of daily life, I believe that everyone else feels the same way.

When asked to describe my style of photography, the word I use is ‘pure’. I am not a big fan of image manipulation, or of ‘inventing’ scenes that didn’t exist at the time I took the shot. I always lean toward an honest image, rather than one conjured by a computer. That’s all subjective, of course; but that’s what being an artist of photography means to me. I’m a straight shooter.

So, on an ideal day, I follow the advice given by the Masters of the Art, and I strike up a conversation with my subject, whether animal, vegetable or mineral. This moment is one of awareness; the treasure on the ocean floor. From that place only can I have a blank canvas and paintbrush in my hand. And then, all I have to do is follow the ancient Greek definition of photography and “Paint with Light”.

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